CAP Ciudad de Murcia: Preview of the 2015-16 season – for those planning a trip to Murcia

For the FCUM Review I recently wrote a short preview for CAP Ciudad de Murcia’s forthcoming 2015-16 season. However, I have decided to elaborate on that and give some information regarding what I believe will be the best matches to attend. This is for anyone thinking of travelling over to Murcia this coming season.

FCUM Review cover
FCUM Review cover

As I mentioned in the Review piece Ciudad will play in the Tercera Group XIII, which is the highest level of regional football and the fourth tier in the Spanish football pyramid. Remember though that there are 18 groups of 20 teams at this level!

Eventually I have got my hands on a fixture list BUT please be aware that this is Spain and fixtures can be changed at the drop of hat and without much warning. That said most games are played on a Sunday afternoon, usually a 4 or 5 pm kick off time.

Unfortunately one of the best games of the season, away to Real Murcia B, has been scheduled for the first game of the season and has been scheduled for an 11am kick off on a Sunday morning. This is to avoid any clashes between fans and has even been moved outside the city boundaries.

So what other games would I recommended? Well any home game is a great occasion but the best ones should be the following. The weekend (04/10/15) sees Plus Ultra visit Murcia City and in the region on the same weekend is Cadiz FC, whose fans have a great relationship with Ciudad fans. There could be a chance to see both games.

In November on the weekend of (22/11/15) Caravaca visit Jose Barnes, there is always a bit of needle between the two clubs and games between the two clubs are generally good.

First home game of the New Year (03/01/16) sees Ciudad take on Aguilas, who are one of the best clubs at this level and have a rich football history.

A week after that (10/01/16) the bitter rivals of Ciudad, Real Murcia, visit and that is a fixture that will always produce fireworks, maybe literally!

In March (13/03/16) there is a good game scheduled against Lorca Deportivo. There is a good relationship between the two clubs and games are usually good. I expect Lorca to be in the mix up for the play-offs.

Away from home the highlights for me are as follows. Early doors on the weekend of (13/09/15) there is a trip to the coast to FC Pinatar Arena. This will be a difficult fixture as Pinatar have big backers. The beaches close by are some of the best in Murcia.

In October there is an interesting trip to a club based in a mining village called CD MInera. I am curious about this one and looking forward to it. (18/10/15).

At the beginning of November (01/11/15) Ciudad will take the to the field in one of the best stadiums in the region. The Francisco Artes Carrasco holds around 8000 people and is a great place to watch football. Lorca Deportivo play there and they have a rich football history too. You can read about them in the BOOK

Just before Christmas there is an interesting trip to Mula (20/12/15). The little club to the north of the Murcia have a great little ground and a support almost as fervent as Ciudad.

As spring kicks in (20/03/16) another trip to the coast is scheduled when Ciudad will travel to Mar Menor. This club is situated right on the coast and is very close to the regional airport at San Javier.

A trip to Caravaca, in the mountains, is planned for mid-April (17/04/16) and as I said earlier always a bit of needle for this one.

The last game of the season (15/05/16) is probably the best away trip for me. Aguilas is steeped in football and general history. You can read in the BOOK how the British brought football to the area along with mining and the railways. The little football museum in the town, right beside the stadium, is a must! Another great attraction is Aguilas is situated right on the beach, what a way to end the season. The home club will probably be going for promotion I reckon so it will be a big game to boot.

So there you have it a preview of what I see to be the highlights of what should be a very interesting campaign. If Ciudad can stay up they would have done very well.

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Season preview in FCUM Review
Season preview in FCUM Review

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