STAND fanzine issue #14

It’s always great to have a new fanzine drop through the letter box and I was delighted when the new Stand fanzine, issue #14, arrived in Spain the other day. Especially as it had one of my articles in it, a review of last season (2014-15) at CAP Ciudad de Murcia

STAND issue 14 cover
STAND issue 14 cover

As usual there are also some excellent written articles in issue #14 with my favourites so far, I haven’t read it all yet, being an article by fan owned Lewes FC Chairman, Stuart Fuller (@theballisround), it’s about non-league football, an article about Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne by Jony Brick (@jonybrick), discussing whether the Gateshead born genius was the catalyst of modern football and an article by Curtis Rothwell (@CurtSince92) about George Best and the new spirit in the sky chant about him. I am sure there will be more gems in there too once I get around to reading them.

CAP Ciudad de Murcia article Stand issue #14
CAP Ciudad de Murcia article Stand issue #14

I have written for Stand fanzine almost since its conception in 2012. My articles have appeared in both the printed magazine and on their website, usually about CAP Ciudad de Murcia or SD Eibar. Here is something that I wrote for STAND about the SD Eibar #defendeeleibar campaign back in the summer of 2014.  #defendeleibar article stand 

Stand poster Liverpool July 2013
Stand poster Liverpool July 2013

Back in July 2013 I actually shared a platform with FCUMs Chairman Andy Walsh, at the inaugural STAND conference held in Liverpool. I spoke about fan ownership at CAP Ciudad de Murcia but if I’m honest I was probably a little bit out of my depth back then. Although I am sure that I came over OK. It was a good event and was attended by fan groups like the Spirt of Shankly (Liverpool) and The Blue Union (Everton). There were some great inspirational discussions and talks given by Brian Reade (The Mirror), James McKenna (SoS) and a whole host of others. Later in the evening the music, organised by Boss Night, was provided by local bands like Mercury 13 with Bez of The Happy Mondays doing his famed DJ set, which is always a laugh!

Sharing the STAND platform in Liverpool with Andy Walsh of FCUM
Sharing the STAND platform in Liverpool with Andy Walsh of FCUM

Here is an interview that I did before the event in Liverpool

According to their website STAND fanzine is a fanzine that gives the opportunity for like-minded people to take a considered look at the state of the game. They attempt to introduce and investigate alternatives to negative aspects of modern football and to bring together disaffected fans.

STAND stickers
STAND stickers

Something that STAND stresses that it isn’t is the voice of the Against Modern Football movement. Individually, they identify with #AMF but whilst that encompasses so many different subjects, they say it’s impossible to have one single outlook. They also do not want the return of a game blighted by hooliganism, racism and death-trap stadiums. More information can be found HERE.

Overall Stand Fanzine is a great read and you can find their website HERE you can also take a subscription out HERE.

I’d also like to go on record and thank the lads for helping to promote the book! Which can be purchased HERE .

Tony Higgins – September 2015

BOOK: Homage to Murcia - A Season of Football Anarchy
BOOK: Homage to Murcia – A Season of Football Anarchy

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