City of Liverpool FC & Haze Fanzine

d32-q65jI am delighted to announce that I have an article, about CAP Ciudad de Murcia, appearing in the unofficial City of Liverpool FC fanzine.  The fanzine is called Haze and can be downloaded here for free HERE. However, the lads do ask that you make a donation to the mental health charity MIND. So please do so after reading. The article is on page 26 &27.

City of Liverpool FC are a new club made up of mainly disillusioned fans from the top three Merseyside clubs. The fans go by the nickname “The Partisans” and the team is known as the “Purps”, after the colour of their kit.

ci7rdpu3I am not going to regurgitate here all the information that you can read on the City of Liverpool FC website. All the information is here on why they formed and what they are all about. There is also information on how you can become part of the club and how to get involved.


I will be following with interest what’s going on at City of Liverpool FC and I hope that one day I can share a pint of Warsteiner with The Partisans.

Tony Higgins (November 2016)


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