A message from Almudena from Across Madrid

Dear All,
Thank you so very much for coming over to Spain to pay your respects to the memory of the antifascist volunteers who fought in Jarama in February 1937.  As we discussed during our Jarama Battlefield tour, it is particularly relevant today to remember that thousands of people stood up to Fascism and traveled all the way to a foreign country to serve the universal cause of Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite.  Thse amazing men and women were fighting for the rights of the working class, and their commitment to their ideas drove them to sign up for a difficult war on foreign soil.  It was particularly moving to hold that minute silence on Suicide Hill, and I hope you can return next February for AABI’s Memorial March, to be held February 18.
If you would like some information on some of the aspects we discussed during the tour, please write to Tony (higgins_67@ymail.com) and he will forward you plenty of resources for you to explore at your leisure.
You can keep up to date with the work being done by memorialistic associations in the UK like the IBMT here:
For the Irish International Brigades:
And of course, this is AABI’s website:
Thank you for joining me in the due commemoration of the International Brigaders in Jarama.  Remember that the struggle goes on, and that today their rallying cry No Pasaran would be heard across present-day Europe because of the worrying rise of Fascism.
Long live the International Brigades!!!!
Almudena Cros
Across Madrid tours
President of AABI

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