Rayo Vrs Cadiz (Football, Spanish Civil War Tour, Music and more…..)

cadi rayo 3

I put this circular together to first see if people are interested in the following event. It has been published on Facebook as a private event but the details are here for those who don’t have Facebook. You can message me directly if you are interested in going. You can make your own arrangements for everything except the Spanish Civil War Tour, please let me know the numbers for that. I can help with accommodation and other things (like match tickets) if needed, just send me an email or message on Facebook or Twitter. I can help with as much or as little as you want. higgins_67@ymail.com

Last season Rayo Vallacano were unfortunately relegated to La Segunda, from La Liga, and Cadiz, after around 7 seasons in Segunda B, were promoted to La Segunda.

This means that this coming season Rayo will play Cadiz in a competitive fixture for the first time in a long while. Rayo’s home fixture is due to be played the first weekend of October 2016. Rayo play in a suburb of Madrid called Vallecas, very easy access from Madrid airport.

Both clubs are renowned in Spain for having a fanatical supporter’s groups called the Bukaneros (Rayo) and the Brigadas Amarillas (Cadiz). Both groups have a friendship dating back to around 1993. This fixture is sure to be a people’s football fiesta and a great experience for those who like to sample football sub-culture first hand.

rayo cadiz 1

The following is proposed:

  1. Participants will book their own flights to Madrid and onward transport to Vallecas (the working class suburb where Rayo play). Assistance in getting to Vallecas can be provided if necessary but it is very close to the airport and shouldn’t be difficult. Flights to Madrid are available with budget airlines from Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Edinburgh etc. The sooner you book the cheaper the flights usually are.
  2. Economic accommodation will be sort (if needed) and provided locally in Vallecas for 1-3 nights. The number of nights stay is up to individuals but I would suggest that you come Friday to Monday (3 nights).
  3. Match tickets will be purchased on demand from Rayo and will most likely be in the home section behind the goal (standing) or paddocks.
  4. Some sort of musical concert could be provided, depending on the numbers attending. However, it is suspected that a lot of people from Cadiz will be making a weekend of it, so it is thought there will be plenty of venues providing entertainment in any case.
  5. A visit to the site The Battle of Jarama, where the International Brigades fought, will be part of the tour. The tour will be undertaken by an expertly qualified guide – see link https://spanishsites.org/charlie-donnelly-and-jarama/ (this tour or similar depending upon availability)

Please feel free to share this with any of your friends who might be interested in this experience.

Any questions please feel free to message me directly.

Anthony Higgins 16 July 2016

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