Indie Fútbol Tours – Fraternity Through Football

mn52qfmb_400x400I’m writing this off the back of a great trip to Madrid, to see Rayo Vallacano play Cadiz (30 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2016). Our group also did a fascinating tour of the Jarama valley, around the sites of a famous battle that the International Brigades took part in during the Spanish Civil War.

Our group contained 12 people from all over the UK/Ireland and we all had a fantastic experience that most of us would like to repeat again.


So with that experience fresh in the mind, Indie Fútbol Tours has been set up to assist likeminded people to meet up in Spain (and maybe other places). The objective is to get similar thinking people together that would like to take part in football, social history and music tours.


Indie Fútbol Tours is exactly that … independent. All participants book their own travel and hotels, obviously some assistance can be given with this if needed. The whole point of IFT is fraternity not profits. The only things we will always organise are specialist historical tours and sometimes match tickets when we can. Facebook, twitter and our blog will be used to coordinate everyone thus ensuring that we are all staying in the same hotels etc. and that everyone is kept up to date with important information about the tour.

Anthony Higgins – October 2016

IFT Facebook Page

Twiiter page  



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